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2022 Fall Seminar Sponsors

Many thanks to individuals and businesses who supported our seminar and donated prizes for the drawing.

Gigatron, StenoCAT 32

Saturday luncheon, door prizes

Judy Werlinger

Friday luncheon, door prize,


Janice Darby

Friends of SUN

Mary Butenschoen 

Friends of SUN

Pam Marcinik

SUN stylus pens, SUN lanyards,

phone holders, door prizes

Ionie Taylor

Friends of SUN

Jo Anne Leger 

Friends of SUN

Nancy Sage Sciarretta

Amazon Basics Notepads

Susan Shaw

Friends of SUN

Jill Driscoll 

Friends of SUN

Appaloosa Conference Sponsor

Virginia Groeneveld

Door Prize

Anissa Nierenberger

Door Prize

Sound Professionals

Door Prize

Susan "The Chef" Burgess

Ingredients + cooking dinner for

everyone on Friday and Saturday

Robin Cooksey

Water for attendees


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