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WordWeb is free software that answers many questions that reporters and scopists have asked for in the past.  This is a full dictionary for spelling, with definitions and many other features.  It runs with user-defined hotkeys and or mouse clicks and I've not found any conflict with SC32.  I can't do it justice in a short description, so do yourself a favor and download it and try it.  I don't think you can go wrong... and, yes, it's free.  For this tip we owe a big thank you to Jenny Ebner, our 2007 Distinguished Service Award winner.


How many of you use FireFox?  It's a free replacement for Internet Explorer, not subject to all of the security problems of IE, either.  Try, you might like it.  Version 96.03 has all the latest feature sets.


Or how about free antivirus software?  Go to the net and search free antivirus and you'll get a number of choices.  Why continue to pay X dollars a year if you don't have to? Or you can click here for a site listing multiple free packages available for download.  Check in particular the AVG product, which is recommended highly by many experts.  

There is a large quantity of free/shareware software available out there for the download.   It would take more space than I have here to describe them all.  Check it out for yourself and save some bucks.


Have you needed a word processor?  Have you needed a spreadsheet?  Is the price of MS Office too high for the budget?  Well, we have a free alternative called OpenOffice.  Get it here:  Latest version is 4.1.11.  Enjoy!


Briefs - How to Write It!

Below are some briefs for your use. If you have some briefs you would like to share, send them to us by clicking here. 

Since no one has submitted anything, I'll give some more of mine here involving the "did" phrases and we'll talk about numbers in the How to Tips section for those wanting/needing some help with numbers. 


did you feel                 STKUFL                   
did you say STKUS
did you see STKUZ
did you do STKUD
did you think STKUPBG
did you recall STKURL
did you want STKUPT
did you tell STKUT

The idea is obvious, using the STK for did to break the conflicts that occur when you use TK.  Many people will say, "But I use STK for dis.  OK, fine.  In testimony I would say these phrases occur much more often than dis words; and you can still write certain dis words, such as STKAOEZ, disease, and not have a conflict.  Think about it and you'll see stroke saving here big time! <G>


English Briefs
understand TPH-PB
understood TPN-PBDZ
deposition TKEPGS
appointment POEUPLT
in your opinion TPHURP
to your knowledge TOURPBLG
to my knowledge TPEUPBLG
do you recall TKAOURL
do you remember TKAOUR
what is your name WHAURPL
where do you live WROEUF
where do you reside WRAEUD
where did you live WRUF
where did you reside WRUD
documents TKOPLTS
manage PH-G
manager PH-RG
management PH-GT
managements PH-GTS
student STAOPBT
project PROPBLG
program PRAPL
employer PHROEUR
employment PHROEUPLT
employees PHROES
employed PLOEUD
practice PRA
Social Security S-S
court reporter KR-R
workers' comp W-BG
workers' compensation W-BGS
right leg R-LG
left leg L-LG
right arm R-RPL
left arm L-RPL
green light TPKW-LT
red light R-LT
yellow light KWR-LT
flashlight TPHR-LT
traffic light TR=LT
suffix ness -PBS
suffix ful -FL
suffix ened -PBD
suffix th *T
suffix ist *EUS
ize AO*EUZ
beating PWAEGT
hitting HEUGT
betting PBEGT
reading RAEGD

If you turn on suffixes in advanced options and enable -G as a suffix, you don't even need the outline defined in your dictionary and it will translate properly.  All you need is the root word defined.  How many other suffixes can you do this with? We will cover this and much more at the Texas seminar in February/March 2019.  Make your plans today and get your reservations as soon as we open them up.  We believe they will go quickly this time around.  Also, we have a new update to dissect at the same time


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