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Once you join the StenoCAT Users Network (SUN), you will have access to information you need to use your software to the fullest to save time and increase your productivity.

The StenoCAT Users Network membership consists of some of the best reporters, scopists and students in the country.  Meet them at our semiannual conferences to share ideas and learn the latest how-tos, great tips and shortcuts. Enjoy earning NCRA CE for approved seminars on topics specific to the software you use every day.

Access our Website and communicate with StenoCAT Users Network officers and directors and get up-to-the-minute information on upcoming events.  Receive informative articles and helpful hints in our e-mail newsletter, CATPrints.   Professonal Dues: $75/yr or $125/2 yrs; Associate Dues: $50/yr or $84/2 yrs; Student Dues: $25/yr.


  • Take advantage of this outstanding opportunity to earn CE credits while learning how to best use YOUR software.
  • Learn great new SmartKeys, how to use InSync, Internet tips, realtime, wireless connections, the latest features and updates and other hot topics that will save you time.
  • Make an appointment and meet one-on-one with Gigatron tech support, FREE!
  • Enjoy a fun mini-vacation at attractive locations chosen by member suggestions.
  • Network and exchange information with reporters, scopists and students from around the country who use YOUR software.
    • Get up-to-date information on upcoming StenoCAT Users Network events.
    • Check us out on Facebook.


    • Informative e-mail articles with helpful software hints.
    • Valuable how-to tips from Gigatron tech support.
    • Valuable how-to tips from experienced users.
    • Steno writing tips:  suggested outlines from experienced realtimers.


    This powerful committee meets regularly with Gigatron to discuss the concerns of the membership on such important issues as user input in reference to software functions, software updates, and technical support to ensure that this continues to be the best software available in the Court Reporting/Realtime environment.  If you'd like to contact the Liaison Committee, simply e-mail Jenny Ebner at jebner66@gmail.com.

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